What our customers say about us

We had identified the need for a real-time view on the operational status and security posture of Latitude’s cloud native platform. As a result, Cevo were engaged to accelerate the integration of Sumo Logic’s analytics platform with cloud security tooling.

Automating the building, testing and deployment of dashboards using “dashboards-as-code” has enabled expanding use cases and security controls quickly and efficiently. The work Cevo has undertaken with our team means we can now visualise issues in real-time and proactively remediate problems. In addition, we have reduced the friction to adding further security automation and lowered on-going maintenance costs associated with detailed dashboard reporting.

  • -- Jonathan Gomez
  • Principal Engineer, Latitude Financial Services
We engaged the Cevo team to kick off our move to DevOps, as a fundamental part of ACMI’s major renewal project. Cevo’s consultants led organisational analysis and inception workshops to help identify the quickest path to value for ACMI through technology change and by upskilling our teams. As a result, we are immediately benefitting from a stronger DevOps mindset, and now have a clear roadmap to follow to get us to where we need.
  • -- Greg Turner
We’ve engaged Cevo several times to complete discreet, challenging pieces of work and helped us when we needed it. Each member of the team has been, professional, knowledgeable, collaborative and a pleasure to work with.
  • -- Mike Deck
  • Production Operations Manager, Aconex

We had a Cevo consultant work with us over a short period to help close out a busy year, and to help uplift some practices for our Scrum teams.

During the limited time onboard, Cevo contributed to improving our automated testing practices, and ran technical workshops to uplift sprint planning, as well as technical debt discovery. They also delivered a new authorisation service for our API layer – this doubled as hands-on training for our team on best practice code and configuration structures. Great engagement, and we are already looking forward to working with Cevo again in the future.

  • -- Michael Pogrebnoy
  • R&D Director, ADP

It was a pleasure working with the team from Cevo. They delivered a solution ahead of schedule and made one of our vendors very happy.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cevo and their services.

  • -- Patrick Donaldson
  • Operations Manager, Afilias Australia

Cevo was recently engaged by Cortex to provide a review and assessment of the technical delivery for our LAAMP product. Applying their specialised approach, Cevo provided recommendations on how we can continually improve our delivery state to meet growing business demands.

The insights from this exercise not only helped us uncover some areas for improvement in our current delivery practices and realise efficiencies but importantly, provided a strategic uplift, helping to reinforce a culture of agile working, which will in turn better position us to deliver LAAMP for our clients.

  • -- Tim Angel
  • Managing Director, Cortex Interactive

Cevo’s engineering expertise and Agile delivery capabilities enabled a rapid and focused response to iterative changes coming out of the David Jones Data Lake proof of concept. We enjoyed a great working relationship with Cevo, and the teams’ presence on site over the 3 week period of this project (and being able to leverage their AWS skills) was a contributing factor in our progress.

The Cevo consultants also drove clarity within internal teams by performing Agile rituals, focused on gaining visibility of all work and building a shared understanding across multiple streams of work.

  • -- Ali Amin
  • Senior Project Specialist, David Jones

In the ever daunting task of changing the attitude and culture of Information Systems Engineers and Specialists, the highly talented individuals at Cevo have proved invaluable in providing Agile Coaching and Enablement to our Teams within Infrastructure Services. In 4 months, our Operational teams have transitioned from siloed ticket-churning engineers into a company of cross-functional squads.

The challenging nature of change is a difficult concept to actualise, especially in an environment that has remained fairly static for the past decade. Without the guidance, patience, expertise and professionalism delivered by Cevo we would not have succeeded in our transition to a customer focused organisation.

We’ve been through many different Agile delivery companies; few have stood the test of time. Both Scott and Jess have displayed a level of professionalism that will no doubt leave a mark on every engineer they have worked with.

  • -- Darryn van Tonder
  • R/Director, Integration Competency Centre, DET

I would like to formally thank Cevo for working with us on the Waste Tracker Project at EPA. The enthusiasm, expertise, and warmth Cevo bought to the project was perfect. I am very happy with the result.

Both of the team members slotted in on the first day like if they were part of the team. They were awesome at consolidating the wealth of information they collected into usable specifications. They also picked up on other stakeholder information outside their scope but related to our work.

  • -- Rachael Prince
  • Senior Policy Officer, EPA
Cevo were engaged to help kick us off on our DevOps journey and address two of our most pressing needs in reducing the time taken to deploy changes and improve the consistency of our deployments. The Cevo consultants were first rate and easily integrated with our team. Together with our development team they forged a realistic plan and assessed & spiked options to validate approaches, this led to a defined path for us going forward. We have now implemented these changes to the way our team develops and releases product, and we’re on our way to being able to deploy our products with greater confidence and certainty.
  • -- Russell van Sanden
  • Head of Solution Delivery, Factor5™ Software
Cevo were engaged to build a set of automated controls that would give both us and APRA the confidence that we were building a cloud environment that met our compliance obligations. The Cevo team came up with an innovative approach to this, making use of native AWS services to implement the controls. The controls are individually testable and can be versioned in source control. They could also easily be deployed consistently across the 40+ AWS accounts that we have with no additional work, meaning that all new workloads that come onto the platform are immediately subject to the same standards.
  • -- Dave Coombes
  • Head of Group Technology, IAG
Cevo have accelerated our agile maturity. They have helped us build in quality early through collaborative testing practices. With creative problem solving and skilled prioritisation Cevo’s technologists have enabled us to identify and define the valuable work, and deliver with speed and confidence. Their multi-skilled consultants were able to provide expertise in Agile Coaching, Business Analysis, Iteration Management & Testing. Their capabilities enabled us to adopt a lean agile approach which was key to us rapidly delivering business functionality to our customers.
  • -- Greg Frye
  • Chief Information & Technology Officer, irexchange
As a startup in a challenging domain, reducing time-to-market and getting fast feedback from our customers was paramount to our success. Cevo have contributed significantly in setting us up to be able learn, adapt and pivot quickly. They were instrumental in arming the team with the right skills, tools and practices to allow us to confidently and easily release production changes early and often. Their strong AWS expertise meant that we were able to quickly launch a secure, scalable platform that allowed us to quickly prove our business model.
  • -- Nish Mahanty
  • Head of Development, irexchange
Melissa and Simon have that secret ingredient to great consulting practices, they truly care about the tangible business outcome and are extremely passionate in living up to this value. It is not enough to be professional, polite, intelligent or manage stakeholders well. In addition, one truly has to care about the client’s interest before one’s personal interest to be a really great consultant. Both Melissa and Simon have this ingredient in abundance hence why they are so valuable to irexchange.
  • -- Paul Lund
  • Product Manager, irexchange

Here at ME, we’ve been lucky enough to have a Cevo injection across a number of projects recently. In our online banking space, Steve and Jason working with us have been passionate champions of automation and strong agile practices.

I’ve been so impressed and grateful for the enthusiasm and ‘one-team’ mentality both display – they have thrown themselves into our teams, our culture and the work seamlessly like no other contractors I’ve seen. Their initiative and eagerness to go above and beyond, whilst still learning and performing some of the legacy tasks we need has been invaluable.

  • -- Hannah Belle
  • Digital Channel Specialist, ME Bank
Cevo have been an invaluable asset to the Digital team at ME Bank. Immersing themselves in the strategy and objectives of the team, they have helped us speed up delivery through automation and improved our communication by strengthening our Agile capabilities. Always looking to help innovate and improve outcomes – and always with a smile.
  • -- Mette Damsgaard
  • Head of Digital Channels, ME Bank
The Cevo consultants utilised their expertise and experience to accelerate our transformation into a high-performing, autonomous devops capability. Their coaching and support to upskill our teams also allowed us to implement the agile principles with minimal disruption to our customer services.
  • -- Jamie Franklin
  • Team Leader, Business Application, EDA, Monash University
We needed a lot of help to start the move into devops and the Cevo team have delivered over and above our expectations. They have ‘jumpstarted’ us on the devops journey and we now have a proven process for CD.
  • -- Janet Brennen
  • Manager, Enterprise Applications - eSolutions - Monash University
Cevo assisted us in migrating our critical Student Administration applications to AWS whilst educating the team on the concepts and tools used in a cloud environment. Our applications are now taking advantage of the native abilities of the Cloud such as self-healing and autoscaling infrastructure. Using a CI/CD pipeline allows us to deploy changes into Production within minutes rather than hours because handover between our developers and operations staff has been eliminated.
  • -- Marc Lewandowski
  • DevOps Transformation Lead, Business Application, EDA, Monash University
Cevo provided an invaluable service augmenting our existing capabilities with little training allowing us to meet our tight deadlines.
  • -- Grant Tibbey
  • Project Lead, MYOB Australia

Cevo helped us greatly in working with us to develop an impactful observability strategy for our platform. Colin Panisset provided expert guidance and support throughout the process, enabling us to form a high-performing team rapidly to own and implement the strategy.

We look forward to improving our insights, stability, performance and maintainability based on Colin’s work.

  • -- Mike Somogyi
  • Head of Operations & Architecture, MYOB Australia

At MYOB we engaged Cevo to help us bootstrap our distributed tracing platform and also help us with our systems observability strategy.

Guillaume from Cevo has done an amazing job. From helping to build out the core platform to on-boarding development teams, Guillaume has done great work with strong technical knowledge in his humble but confident style.

At every point Guillaume has produced excellent documentation and ensured that his work has been understood and handed over. I have no hesitations in recommending Cevo and Guillaume for future projects.

  • -- Shane Corcoran
  • DevOps Lead, MYOB

I’ve worked with many consulting firms over the past decade, and Cevo was a standout. They were top-notch from the get-go and the consultants who worked with us were proactive, organised, focused, and knowledgeable.

They collaborated well with our team and were great in every aspect, from planning and delivery, to communications. We were impressed with their continued focus right through to the finish line.

  • -- Thomas Peterson
  • Development Lead, MYOB
Cevo engineers did a great job integrating their services into our IT team recently and help us manage our AWS costs more efficiently. Cevo helped us introduce more efficient tagging and reporting capabilities that have unlocked internal back charges, termination of unclaimed resources via an elegant event driven implementation, and the foundations for saving recommendations. Our target is to achieve at least 15% savings through this implementation in this financial year.
  • -- Javier Turégano
  • Global Infrastructure and Architecture Manager, Realestate.com.au
We engaged Cevo to accelerate us on our Devops journey. Their consultants have blended into our team, and their collaborative approach of engaging people has helped us with forming a foundation of tools & practices that allow our teams to continue innovating. Thanks to Cevo we are further along with implementing our new Kubernetes platform.
  • -- Darren Edgerton
  • IT Leader - Core Business Systems, reecetech
Cevo assisted us in our Kubernetes migration project, as well as helping us to start our DevOps journey. The Cevo consultants are absolutely first rate and have contributed significantly to our Kubernetes Platform as well as our DevOps best practice. The passion and skillsets of Colin and Guillaume have had a profound impact on all the teams they have worked with.
  • -- Larry Fang
  • DevOps Manager, reecetech

Cevo were integral to the productionisation of our data science application, providing us with advice and technical expertise to set up a CI/CD pipeline and deploy the app into kubernetes. They kept to schedule, never wavering from their commitment to best practices while always providing support and suggesting worthy improvements along the way.

Cevo’s documentation of the process was excellent, allowing us to emulate this roll-out with other apps. I can highly recommend Cevo to other data science teams!

  • -- Steve Condylios
  • Data Scientist, reecetech

Paul has been amazing and has done some very impressive work in both Rubix teams, and is known as someone who’ll get things done. His technical knowledge and the attitude are top notch and he’ll definitely be missed.

Similarly, Saurabh, within a very short period of time has done impressive work and has been a good support to the Rubix Racing team.

I’d like to wish them both all the very best and I know they’ll be an asset to most teams / companies.

  • -- Alen Amalen
  • Delivery Lead - Rubix, Tabcorp
The team from Cevo have been exceptional. They delivered way ahead of original estimate and has really helped remove some key challenges on a major project. Thanks!
  • -- Andy Owens
  • Senior Project Manager, Tab Wagering
Thanks to the Baymax team who provided an on demand version of one of Tabcorp’s legacy Host systems. With a very well planned roadmap on how they would achieve this, they were able to provide the Rubix team a version of Host which was hosted in AWS and allowed the Rubix team to start work earlier on a key business initiative. The ability for the team to use multiple versions on the Host at once allowed each developer to have a local environment to use and also create an integration environment for the scrum team to use that would not impact our primary test environment. The Baymax team have been very helpful and open to suggestions to improve the solution. We are now currently working on replacing a our Primary Host in our test environment with this solution allowing us to decommission up to 11 physical servers in our primary environment.
  • -- Francis Marino
  • Delivery Team Leader, Tabcorp
Cevo have provided us with outstanding engineers who did a great job assisting the project team on our first dockerised platform for Wagering technology.
  • -- John Aristodimou
  • Project Manager, Tabcorp
Cevo have been invaluable in accelerating the adoption of CI/CD practices within Tabcorp, and in helping us improve our test automation capabilities. Their ability to engage at multiple levels of the business, identify the work of greatest value and execute on it has really helped us to deliver great results within our organisation and to our customers
  • -- Olga Seremetis
  • Engineering Manager, TCH Wagering Technology, Tabcorp

Cevo were great. They listened to the goals of our project, what the team needed and they provided great engineers who were exactly what we required.

We’ve been running iterative development for years and needed seasoned agile developers who could blend into the team and immediately contribute in the next sprint. That’s who we got. Full-stack experience, and capable from the front end end UI down to automation of AWS infrastructure commissioning. They were a perfect addition to our team and meant we could get the project delivered much more quickly.

  • -- Julian Boot
  • CTO, Urbanise
Our developers could have gone through self-training to learn the AWS framework which would have taken a few weeks, however the methodology that Cevo took us through in the 3 days allowed our solution to be deployed to AWS’s infrastructure in time for client testing. During the 3 days with Cevo our team also gained enough knowledge to maintain and further solidify the solution through Continuous Integration … Without Cevo’s assistance we would have spent almost three weeks getting up to speed with AWS.
  • -- Ravi Nath
  • Director - Solution Design and Delivery, Voice Interface Design
Cevo’s assistance has been instrumental in supporting our rapid growth and helping Whispir during a critical time for our future success. Working with Cevo we’ve implemented new ways of working that enabled our teams to effectively scale while still retaining the start up vibe and energy that is so often lost as companies transition from small to medium enterprises. Working with Melissa, Kirsty and Anish has been fantastic, each have brought their own ways and ideas that have been greatly appreciated and became valued members of our team.
  • -- Jonathan Swift
  • CTO, Whispir
I have been incredibly impressed with Cevo’s professionalism and approach to managed delivery; from project inception, development, and preparation, through to risk mitigation strategy and client comms/management. The team has remained cool, calm, and collected throughout our engagement. Their attention to detail and exceptional customer service has reinforced the decision to collaborate with them as a managed delivery partner.
  • -- Nathan Luker
  • CEO, Your Call