“As a new entrant into the digital world, Fiduciary Financial Services’ decision to partner with the right provider of digital expertise was critical. The Cevo Team did not let us down. Fiduciary’s objective was to commence the build of a fully online digital financial advice experience, that everyday working Australians could access and afford.

Cevo was instrumental in helping Fiduciary achieve its MVP through three key areas:

Delivery management: providing delivery leadership and management to deliver an MVP build within constrained timelines

Product development/direction: Cevo leveraged AWS to produce a robust, secure and scalable solution.

Agile methodologies: Cevo introduced agile methodologies which has now been adopted by the broader business. It also helped to lay the foundation for feature iterations.

Fiduciary was able to launch the first stage of its advice capability with absolute confidence of its functionality and user experience. The entire exercise has cemented the relationship with Cevo and established the foundation to continue working together for the next stage of our digital advice proposition.”

George Haramis