“In the ever daunting task of changing the attitude and culture of Information Systems Engineers and Specialists, the highly talented individuals at Cevo have proved invaluable in providing Agile Coaching and Enablement to our Teams within Infrastructure Services. In 4 months, our Operational teams have transitioned from siloed ticket-churning engineers into a company of cross-functional squads.

“The challenging nature of change is a difficult concept to actualise, especially in an environment that has remained fairly static for the past decade. Without the guidance, patience, expertise and professionalism delivered by Cevo we would not have succeeded in our transition to a customer focused organisation.

“We’ve been through many different Agile delivery companies; few have stood the test of time. Both Scott and Jess have displayed a level of professionalism that will no doubt leave a mark on every engineer they have worked with.”

Darryn Van Tonder