What our customers say about us

We had identified the need for a real-time view on the operational status and security posture of Latitude’s cloud native platform. As a result, Cevo were engaged to accelerate the integration of Sumo Logic’s analytics platform with cloud security tooling.

Automating the building, testing and deployment of dashboards using “dashboards-as-code” has enabled expanding use cases and security controls quickly and efficiently. The work Cevo has undertaken with our team means we can now visualise issues in real-time and proactively remediate problems. In addition, we have reduced the friction to adding further security automation and lowered on-going maintenance costs associated with detailed dashboard reporting.

  • -- Jonathan Gomez
  • Principal Engineer, Latitude Financial Services
Cevo were engaged to build a set of automated controls that would give both us and APRA the confidence that we were building a cloud environment that met our compliance obligations. The Cevo team came up with an innovative approach to this, making use of native AWS services to implement the controls. The controls are individually testable and can be versioned in source control. They could also easily be deployed consistently across the 40+ AWS accounts that we have with no additional work, meaning that all new workloads that come onto the platform are immediately subject to the same standards.
  • -- Dave Coombes
  • Head of Group Technology, IAG
As a startup in a challenging domain, reducing time-to-market and getting fast feedback from our customers was paramount to our success. Cevo have contributed significantly in setting us up to be able learn, adapt and pivot quickly. They were instrumental in arming the team with the right skills, tools and practices to allow us to confidently and easily release production changes early and often. Their strong AWS expertise meant that we were able to quickly launch a secure, scalable platform that allowed us to quickly prove our business model.
  • -- Nish Mahanty
  • Head of Development, irexchange
Cevo assisted us in migrating our critical Student Administration applications to AWS whilst educating the team on the concepts and tools used in a cloud environment. Our applications are now taking advantage of the native abilities of the Cloud such as self-healing and autoscaling infrastructure. Using a CI/CD pipeline allows us to deploy changes into Production within minutes rather than hours because handover between our developers and operations staff has been eliminated.
  • -- Marc Lewandowski
  • DevOps Transformation Lead, Business Application, EDA, Monash University
Cevo were integral to the productionisation of our data science application, providing us with advice and technical expertise to set up a CI/CD pipeline and deploy the app into kubernetes. They kept to schedule, never wavering from their commitment to best practices while always providing support and suggesting worthy improvements along the way. Cevo’s documentation of the process was excellent, allowing us to emulate this roll-out with other apps. I can highly recommend Cevo to other data science teams!
  • -- Steve Condylios
  • Data Scientist, reecetech
The team from Cevo have been exceptional. They delivered way ahead of original estimate and has really helped remove some key challenges on a major project. Thanks!
  • -- Andy Owens
  • Senior Project Manager, Tab Wagering
Thanks to the Baymax team who provided an on demand version of one of Tabcorp’s legacy Host systems. With a very well planned roadmap on how they would achieve this, they were able to provide the Rubix team a version of Host which was hosted in AWS and allowed the Rubix team to start work earlier on a key business initiative. The ability for the team to use multiple versions on the Host at once allowed each developer to have a local environment to use and also create an integration environment for the scrum team to use that would not impact our primary test environment. The Baymax team have been very helpful and open to suggestions to improve the solution. We are now currently working on replacing a our Primary Host in our test environment with this solution allowing us to decommission up to 11 physical servers in our primary environment.
  • -- Francis Marino
  • Delivery Team Leader, Tabcorp
Cevo have been invaluable in accelerating the adoption of CI/CD practices within Tabcorp, and in helping us improve our test automation capabilities. Their ability to engage at multiple levels of the business, identify the work of greatest value and execute on it has really helped us to deliver great results within our organisation and to our customers
  • -- Olga Seremetis
  • Engineering Manager, TCH Wagering Technology, Tabcorp
Our developers could have gone through self-training to learn the AWS framework which would have taken a few weeks, however the methodology that Cevo took us through in the 3 days allowed our solution to be deployed to AWS’s infrastructure in time for client testing. During the 3 days with Cevo our team also gained enough knowledge to maintain and further solidify the solution through Continuous Integration … Without Cevo’s assistance we would have spent almost three weeks getting up to speed with AWS.
  • -- Ravi Nath
  • Director - Solution Design and Delivery, Voice Interface Design