What our customers say about us

We engaged the Cevo team to kick off our move to DevOps, as a fundamental part of ACMI’s major renewal project. Cevo’s consultants led organisational analysis and inception workshops to help identify the quickest path to value for ACMI through technology change and by upskilling our teams. As a result, we are immediately benefitting from a stronger DevOps mindset, and now have a clear roadmap to follow to get us to where we need.
  • -- Greg Turner
We’ve engaged Cevo several times to complete discreet, challenging pieces of work and helped us when we needed it. Each member of the team has been, professional, knowledgeable, collaborative and a pleasure to work with.
  • -- Mike Deck
  • Production Operations Manager, Aconex

I would like to formally thank Cevo for working with us on the Waste Tracker Project at EPA. The enthusiasm, expertise, and warmth Cevo bought to the project was perfect. I am very happy with the result.

Both of the team members slotted in on the first day like if they were part of the team. They were awesome at consolidating the wealth of information they collected into usable specifications. They also picked up on other stakeholder information outside their scope but related to our work.

  • -- Rachael Prince
  • Senior Policy Officer, EPA
Cevo were engaged to help kick us off on our DevOps journey and address two of our most pressing needs in reducing the time taken to deploy changes and improve the consistency of our deployments. The Cevo consultants were first rate and easily integrated with our team. Together with our development team they forged a realistic plan and assessed & spiked options to validate approaches, this led to a defined path for us going forward. We have now implemented these changes to the way our team develops and releases product, and we’re on our way to being able to deploy our products with greater confidence and certainty.
  • -- Russell van Sanden
  • Head of Solution Delivery, Factor5™ Software
Cevo have accelerated our agile maturity. They have helped us build in quality early through collaborative testing practices. With creative problem solving and skilled prioritisation Cevo’s technologists have enabled us to identify and define the valuable work, and deliver with speed and confidence. Their multi-skilled consultants were able to provide expertise in Agile Coaching, Business Analysis, Iteration Management & Testing. Their capabilities enabled us to adopt a lean agile approach which was key to us rapidly delivering business functionality to our customers.
  • -- Greg Frye
  • Chief Information & Technology Officer, irexchange
We needed a lot of help to start the move into devops and the Cevo team have delivered over and above our expectations. They have ‘jumpstarted’ us on the devops journey and we now have a proven process for CD.
  • -- Janet Brennen
  • Manager, Enterprise Applications - eSolutions - Monash University
We engaged Cevo to accelerate us on our Devops journey. Their consultants have blended into our team, and their collaborative approach of engaging people has helped us with forming a foundation of tools & practices that allow our teams to continue innovating. Thanks to Cevo we are further along with implementing our new Kubernetes platform.
  • -- Darren Edgerton
  • IT Leader - Core Business Systems, reecetech
Cevo assisted us in our Kubernetes migration project, as well as helping us to start our DevOps journey. The Cevo consultants are absolutely first rate and have contributed significantly to our Kubernetes Platform as well as our DevOps best practice. The passion and skillsets of Colin and Guillaume have had a profound impact on all the teams they have worked with.
  • -- Larry Fang
  • DevOps Manager, reecetech
Cevo were great. They listened to the goals of our project, what the team needed and they provided great engineers who were exactly what we required. We’ve been running iterative development for years and needed seasoned agile developers who could blend into the team and immediately contribute in the next sprint. That’s who we got. Full-stack experience, and capable from the front end end UI down to automation of AWS infrastructure commissioning. They were a perfect addition to our team and meant we could get the project delivered much more quickly.
  • -- Julian Boot
  • CTO, Urbanise
Cevo’s assistance has been instrumental in supporting our rapid growth and helping Whispir during a critical time for our future success. Working with Cevo we’ve implemented new ways of working that enabled our teams to effectively scale while still retaining the start up vibe and energy that is so often lost as companies transition from small to medium enterprises. Working with Melissa, Kirsty and Anish has been fantastic, each have brought their own ways and ideas that have been greatly appreciated and became valued members of our team.
  • -- Jonathan Swift
  • CTO, Whispir