What our customers say about us

It was a pleasure working with the team from Cevo. They delivered a solution ahead of schedule and made one of our vendors very happy.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cevo and their services.

  • -- Patrick Donaldson
  • Operations Manager, Afilias Australia
Melissa and Simon have that secret ingredient to great consulting practices, they truly care about the tangible business outcome and are extremely passionate in living up to this value. It is not enough to be professional, polite, intelligent or manage stakeholders well. In addition, one truly has to care about the client’s interest before one’s personal interest to be a really great consultant. Both Melissa and Simon have this ingredient in abundance hence why they are so valuable to irexchange.
  • -- Paul Lund
  • Product Manager, irexchange
The Cevo consultants utilised their expertise and experience to accelerate our transformation into a high-performing, autonomous devops capability. Their coaching and support to upskill our teams also allowed us to implement the agile principles with minimal disruption to our customer services.
  • -- Jamie Franklin
  • Team Leader, Business Application, EDA, Monash University
Cevo provided an invaluable service augmenting our existing capabilities with little training allowing us to meet our tight deadlines.
  • -- Grant Tibbey
  • Project Lead, MYOB Australia
Cevo engineers did a great job integrating their services into our IT team recently and help us manage our AWS costs more efficiently. Cevo helped us introduce more efficient tagging and reporting capabilities that have unlocked internal back charges, termination of unclaimed resources via an elegant event driven implementation, and the foundations for saving recommendations. Our target is to achieve at least 15% savings through this implementation in this financial year.
  • -- Javier Turégano
  • Global Infrastructure and Architecture Manager, Realestate.com.au
Cevo have provided us with outstanding engineers who did a great job assisting the project team on our first dockerised platform for Wagering technology.
  • -- John Aristodimou
  • Project Manager, Tabcorp