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aws well architected tool

Are You Well Architected?

Through continuous compliance, continuous integration and continuous delivery we’ve reduced the cycle time for deploying changes – but how do you know these are the right changes? Enter the AWS Well Architected Framework.

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Automating DMS Endpoint S3 Target with a CloudFormation Custom Resource

Whether you are establishing an AWS Data Lake, or migrating services to the cloud, the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) should be a tool in your toolkit. DMS is a relatively straight forward service to configure and supported by AWS Cloudformation, however there is a specific pattern that requires a customised process. Enter CloudFormation Lambda backed Custom Resources which we can leverage to automate these processes and continue to reap the benefits of deployed resources via CloudFormation

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Some quick and easy cost control techniques in AWS

Anything big happening in the world? The recent governmental response to COVID-19 has significantly affected the Australian to US financial exchange rate. A downside of the government stimulus and effects on the global supply chain is that your AWS bill has just increased by 15% over the past month!

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